7 Vijay Kedia Success Rules That Will Give You Motivation

Vijay Kedia was born in a stock breaking family. Vijay Kedia was interested in the stock market since childhood. He still believes the stock market as his first love, and at the age of 14, he used to do trading with his grandfather. When Vijay Kedia was 14, his father had died.

Vijay Kedia had the intention of doing business, but due to lack of bank balance, he could not start the business. Later, he began work on his Family Business Stock Broking. But they had no more interest in stockbroking. So he started trading in the stock market at the age of 19.

After starting the trading, they got considerable profits in the first year. But after some time Mr Vijay Kedia began to drowning all his money. Then he realised that his success was only a bit of luck. After some time he left the trading and put his full attention on the stock market investment. He has seen a lot of ups and downs in his stock market investment. Today Vijay Kedia net worth is about Rs.1000 crore.

7 Fantastic Stock Market Investment Rules of Vijay Kedia

1. Keep Investment Simple

Vijay Kedia says that investing is always very simple, but it’s not easy because we sometimes try to make things complex. Don’t make stock market investment complex. Generally, the investor thinks that if anything is more complicated, then those things are perfect to do it. But it is not true.

While analyzing the use of Greek words such as complex calculations and alpha beta, people think that they are doing the right analysis but is not like that. Mr Vijay Kedia says if you’re analyzing then keep it simple. If you’re doing this, then you will be stuck on those things, and you can’t go ahead.

2. Read Brokers Reports

Mr Vijay Kedia says that try to read whatever brokers reports are available. There are thousands of brokers reports are available in the market or internet. It is not necessary that the reports which come yesterday you have to read. You can read six months old broker reports which are written by any analyst. Those brokers reports are also available in free of cost. You don’t have to pay any money for reading those reports.

Now after getting those broker reports, try to understand that how they have analyzed the particular company. Don’t go for the price projection or shares will go down or up. That is not the pure way or not the way that you have to learn. Understand their method of analyzing. So if you read 500 reports, then you will become the excellent quality of the analyst.

Reading the research report strengthens your analytical skills. So every week should read at least 2 to 3 research reports. You must add time for this work every week by making your time-table.

3. Investing is about Knowledge, patience & Courage

Vijay Kedia says that investing is not about the college degree. It is about knowledge, patience, and courage. He says that no academic degree in the world can get you success in the stock market. It’s a tough game and also a very different game. It doesn’t mean that you don’t need a college degree or don’t have to be educated.

For example, if you have a college degree, then it is not necessary that you can drive a car. For driving a car, you have to take training that how to drive a vehicle. You need to go for practice for operating a vehicle. Same things apply to the stock market. So usually, what people do is they don’t study, they don’t get any fundamental knowledge, don’t get any experience, and after that, they go for the stock market investment for trying their luck.

So Vijay Kedia says, before going to stock market investment, first take proper knowledge of investing. And while you are going for financing, it is essential to have experience, endurance, and courage.

4. Management Analysis is Must

Vijay Kedia says that in investing, management is essential. According to him, the management is like a car driver. If the car is on the journey, it will reach the destination or not, or how will it achieve all are depends on the car driver.

Hence Vijay says that you must have Management Analysis along with Quantitive Analysis. Just looking at the right numbers of the company should not invest in it.

5. Review Your Investment After Few Months

Vijay Kedia says, When the focus of the management or product changes or when the valuation is too high, you should think again about your investment.

If you think the focus of the company has changed, that means that the company was focusing on something else, but at some time some other thing is focusing on or replacing its product or services, then you will be re-analyzed in that business after sometimes. Or You should think again about that investment.

6. Don’t Fully Dependent on Stock Investment

Vijay Kedia says that never be dependent on the stock market for your livelihood or day-to-day living. Have an alternative source of income. Other sources of revenue will insulate you from the volatility of the market and give you holding power to remain in the stock market.

This is a perfect thing because when you initially come into the stock market’s investment, then you do not have much experience with that market. Therefore you should not be utterly dependent on the stock market. You need to do some more work along with stock investment so that you can keep your income for daily uses.

7. Never Trade In Stocks

Never use obtained assets to purchase stocks. It is very hazardous and can prompt “Moment Demise.” Under 1% of the exchanging populace profits. Also, trading requires special aptitude which an average person lacks. Stock investment is a type of long term investment. Stock market investment needs lots of courage and patience so if you’re making the stock investment through the borrowed money than it will be risky for you.

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