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Tattoo Shops Near Me | City-Wise List | Zip Code Search

Are you searching for tattoo shops near me? If yes, then this page helps you find top-rated tattoo shops in your city as well as near your location.

To find a tattoo shop, you can check the below 17 U.S city list below. If you’re not staying at the below list then you can still find out the best tattoo shops near your location. At below, when you scroll down, you’ll find a zip code search tool. At that zip code search tool, you only need to enter your area zip code into the search box. After that, all the top tattoo shops’ names will be shown on your screen.

Note: The below U.S city list contains the tattoo shops name, phone number, address, operating timing, Google Rating, and website.

Find Best Tattoo Shops by Zip Code Search

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Tips For Finding a Best Tatto Shop Near You

1. Ask Around

Word of mouth advertisement is one of the best and simplest ways to know about the shop you want to visit. So in the same way, if you’re also looking for tattoo shops near you then ask around yourself.

Ask the guys who have amazing tattoo designs and get all the details about the place where he designed his tattoo.

The person you ask, if he has felt bad experience or good experience in that tattoo shop, then he will definitely share with you.

2. Visit Atleast 2 or 3 Tattoo Studio

If you are want to get the list of best tattoo shops in one city, then we have prepared a table of the top 5 tattoo shops below, which is a list of 15 American cities.

Visiting more shops near you gives you the idea that which shop is rightly famous.

If you’re unable to find the nearest tattoo shops then I recommend you use the above tattoo shops locator. You only have to enter your zip code and the list of best tattoo shops will be shown on your screen.

3. Check Out Tattoo Artist Portfolio

A tattoo artist’s portfolio will help you a lot to know about the best tattoo artist. So whenever you visit a shop, then definitely check the portfolio of the artist.

A Tattoo artist keeps a catalog of their previous designs. Nowadays almost every tattoo shops have their own website where you can often find their portfolios as well.

All of them have own blogs, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts which are dedicated to a particular type of tattoo work.

4. Visit Tattoo Shows or Events

In such events, you get the best artists in the world who have a lot of experience and are simultaneously certified. In such events, you can get a chance to tattooed from the world’s top tattoo artists.

On that shows, you can also collect the business cards of those artists where you can visit later on. Attending tattoo conventions gives you a lot of information related to tattooed on the artist.

Want Some Awesome Deals or Coupon at Tattoo Shops?

If you want some deals or coupons at tattoo shops then we have special links for you. currently offering 30% to 70% Off in many tattoo shops in your country.

I have listed 30 U.S cities names down below where you can grab your deals by clicking them.

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Some Tattoo Safety Tips

  • Avoid searching for cheap Tattoo shops.
  • Visit only those Tattoo shops that have a license and properly trained and certified employees.
  • When you visit a tattoo shop, check their cleanliness and safety facilities.
  • Avoid taking alcohol before getting tattooed.
  • Make sure that your tattoo artist is wearing clean gloves and using needles from sealed containers.
  • Ink is a very important item if viewed from the safety point of view. So ask your artist about the ink he using because some artist use inks which might contain metals and solvents and the FDA doesn’t regulate it.
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