14 Best Ratan Tata Business Rules

As you all know, Ratan Tata was born on December 28, 1937, in Surat city, which comes in Gujarat district in India. Ratan Tata is also a man in comparison to Bill Gates, but still, his name is not in the list of the billionaire of the universe. If you want to know more about Ratan Tata’s biography, then you can read it here.

In this article, I am going to tell you Ratan Tata’s 14 best and great rules that will give you a different type of motivation and energy. All these rules of Ratan Tata can be of great help to your best life. So I urge you to read all these Ratan Tata’s Rules carefully and take them out in your life.

14 Best Success Rule of Ratan Tata

1. Entrepreneurs Should Take Care of Problems Solution, Not on Profit

Generally, people have a habit of complaining and commenting. But no one thinks about Solution on the problem. Ratan Tata wants the new entrepreneurs to pay more attention to the solution of the problem. If everyone is saying that this can’t be done, then do not listen to people’s words. You put your whole cosine in to fulfil that work.

The great success of the large companies of this world and there are many, and many successful companies or are they the companies that took chances where individuals started in garages where ideas were born.

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2. Leadership Skills are Very Important

To achieve extraordinary successes, you have to lead your company and emerge as a good leader.

The company like Apple, if you consider it to a start-up as it was in those days did some fascinating work but was eclipsed. The founder was thrown out. The company subsequently almost went bankrupt. They brought the founder back. Steve Jobs made it the most profitable in the most certainly the largest company in the world.

These are all marks of the fact that things change in and your ability to lead rather than to follow or to follow in their successful companies footstep or shadow is eclipsed by your willingness to take the lead to share the risk and to make your company excel in that it does.

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3. Do What You Believe is Right

When you are running a company, sometimes you have to make decisions such that your partner does not agree. So at that time, you feel right you should do the same. Many doubted Ratan Tata decisions. Example, when he didn’t sell his company to Ford when he refused to sell companies which were going through the loss when he bought Tetley Tea in $450 million. His decision was questioned many times. However, he had believed in his judgment, therefore, he took it without listening to others. And he made TATA tea world’s second largest tea company.

It’s not like Ratan Tata never took the wrong decision. But the most important thing which he again said to students in a speech was: You must do what you believe in right, what you think is right.

4. Make the Different

Ratan Tata says that while running the business, you must check one thing and that your business is making any changes to your customer so you should work on things that can change people’s lives.

If you’re a young entrepreneur or a new enterprise and you are creating a new enterprise that is going to make a difference, that’s the one thing that you would like to build your business. On the fact that you made a difference not that you also ran, not that you just mixed in the noise or the crowd but that you made a difference.

If you’re building your company on the fact that you’re going to make a difference, you’re going to do something better, cheaper, more competitively, serve the community better. That’s a terrific way to start and all of those are interrelated can be said to be the one thing that you’re making a difference.

5. Build a Great Team

When you start working on a large scale, you can not manage all things alone. At such times you need a capable and honest team. So when you are working on something more significant, then you should develop a good team. Teamwork is essential to be successful in your business. And the team will be useful only when you value your team.

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6. If you Want to be Succesful Than, Don’t Follow Others Rules

If there is something to do in life, then follow those who are already successful but Ratan Tata does not believe in it. He believes that if there is something to do in life then do not follow anybody. Because every person has its separate talent and passions. So you recognize yourself and make yourself successful.

7. Copied Someone Others Rules Can be Succesful But Can’t Go Further

People who duplicate others can be successful for a little while but can not go much further in life. Some people copy to others to succeed and also get good marks, but they can stay only for a short time. That is why Ratan Tata believes that make your own rule and get success in life.

8. Also, Use Brain Along with Hard Work.

Crores of people work hard in the world, but still, everyone gets different results and cannot achieve anything. It is essential to use your brain while working hard. The way of hard work is responsible for these. Therefore, one should improve the way the hard work gets done.

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9. Think Right Before Doing Any Work

Before cutting the tree, it is necessary to see the edge of the ax. Therefore, when the trees get ripped in 5 hrs, the opportunity of success increases in the 4 hr axis sharpening the edge. In the same way, every person works 8 hours, but sometimes the person does not ask himself this question that what I am doing is correct for me? If he asks himself these questions, then that work will be more accessible for him.

10. Set a Schedule for Your Work

Any work should be completed within the stipulated time and should do the same job which will bring full bliss. Ratan Tata always said that complete your work within the given time. It shows your activeness on work. It also develops your good habit.

11. Take Any Decision and Make it Right

Ratan Tata says that I do not believe in taking the right decisions, but by making decisions, I prove them correct. Do some people think about taking a decision that should I take this decision or not? If you take the decision, then one day the decision will be proved right by itself.

12. Don’t Appreciate The people Who Become successful by doing Ruthlessness

Ratan Tata says that I admire those who are very successful. But if that success has been achieved very ruthlessly, then I applaud that person, but I can not respect him. Many people have gone too much and have done the wrong thing and are successful also. Everyone appreciates them. But the people behind the back give them only abuses.

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13. Take Chances Again and Again

Ratan Tata says that we should take our chances in our lives. As the creators of Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook have taken. All these companies come in the world’s largest companies. But all these companies were started from their garage.

Their money was not a big corporation nor was there a lot of financial back-ups, but then these companies are dominating the world. Why? Because he took chances and showed courage and worked to make his ideas realistic.

If you want to go ahead in your life, then you will have to take chances and risks too. Normal Life has to show a little courage and something different to be done.

14. Always Target to Live Successful and Balanced Life

Ratan Tata says that not only is good merit and enjoyable career in life. Your goal should be to have a successful and balanced experience. There is no good career and money in life. To get success in your life, you need to live a fair living and a successful life. Always target ourselves to live a balanced life.

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