10 Top-Rated Websites To Calculate Mortgage Loan


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The mortgage calculator is the computerized tool that empowers clients to decide the budgetary ramifications of changes in at least one factors in a home loan financing plan. For calculating home loan, hundred of mortgage calculators are available on the Internet.

But on that hundred of calculators, we are listing 10 best websites that provide mortgage calculators to its visitors. Apart from this, these websites also give some other related financial calculators such as Amortization, Investment Calculator, Personal Loan Calculator, Inflation Calculator, etc.

10 Excellent Websites that Provide Mortgage Calculators

1. Mortgagecalculator

Visit: Mortgagecalculator.org

Mortgagecalculator is my first prefer site if you’re finding for mortgage calculators. This site is the web’s best tools to save money on your home loan today.

It provides a lot of option to calculate your home loan EMI. Here, you can take advantage of not only mortgage calculators but also many other facilities that can prove to be very useful for you.

In this site, you can calculate such as Second Mortgage Calculator, Refinance calculators, Financial calculators, etc. There are many more facilities and advice that gives to its visitors by this website.

2. Calculatestuff

Visit: Calculatestuff.com

Calculatestuff is also a leading platform for calculating your home loan EMI. They provide an excellent mortgage calculator. Calculatorstuff is known for best web portal for providing various categories calculators such as Financial calculator, Health-related calculator, Maths calculators, etc.

Right below the mortgage calculator, you are given a chart of a cost breakdown that can be quite profitable for the user. They also list out the Amortization Schedule table by Yearly and Monthly.

That’s why the Calculatstuff can be the very best mortgage calculators for saving your money.

3. Daveramsey

Visit:  https://www.calculatestuff.com/financial/mortgage-calculator

Use Daveramsey site to create your monthly mortgage payment quickly and easily. To calculate just enter your home value, down payment amount, types of mortgage that you want to fix in years and the interest rate.

After entering these values above, you will see your monthly payment breakdown including Principal & Interest, Property taxes, Homeowner’s Insurance.

Apart from this, Daveramsey site gives you to use and learn Investment calculator, Home buying advice, and Home selling advice. Therefore, Daveramsey is the third best site for mortgage payoff calculator.

4. Zillow.com

Visit: https://www.zillow.com/mortgage-calculator/

Mortgage calculator Zillow is the fourth site that helps you to calculate your home loan monthly EMI. Utilize your home credit calculator to appraise your home loan installment, with expenses and protection.

Just enter the cost of the home, your upfront installment, and details about the home loan to calculate your mortgage payment breakdown, Schedule, and many more.

Zillow website provides its users to use many other calculators such as Affordability, Refinance mortgage calculator, Debt-to-Income, and VA Mortgage Calculator.

5. Moneysavingexpert

Visit: https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/mortgages/mortgage-rate-calculator/

Moneysavingexpert is a top-rated site for money saving related topics. If I talk about its home loan calculator, then they have a brilliant and ultimate mortgage calculator.

on this website, they provide you with different tools that may need for your mortgage calculations. Here, they offer you a calculator where you can easily calculate two mortgages.

In this website, some more calculators will be able to see such as overpayment calculator, offset mortgage vs saving, savings for a deposit, Compare fixed rate mortgages, Ditch your fix, and how much can you borrow.

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6. Smartasset

Visit: https://smartasset.com/mortgage/mortgage-calculator

Smartasset is one of the web’s that have different types of calculator in which you can calculate home affordability, mortgage loans, and many more. Just enter your details to estimate your monthly mortgage payment with taxes, fees, and insurance.

With Smartasset, you can also calculate refinance, student loans, life insurance, personal loans, etc. This website is also famous for giving information about the credit card.

7. Nerdwallet

Visit: https://www.nerdwallet.com/mortgages/mortgage-calculator

If you have ever searched about any finance, mortgage, credit card or insurance related keyphrase in a search engine, you must have visited this website sometime or so. Yes, Nerdwallet is a site that offers different types of mortgage calculators and comparison tools.

Here you can calculate any mortgage loans or Amortization. It will be used to use different types of calculators such as Refinance calculator, Amortization, VA loan calculator, cost of living calculators and many more.

8. Halifax.co.uk

Visit: https://www.halifax.co.uk/mortgages/mortgage-calculator/

Halifax is a viral platform in the United Kingdom for giving banking related services and information to the users. If you want to calculate your mortgage loan, then they have excellent tools related to that.

For calculating mortgage loans, visit Halifax.co.uk and tap on the mortgages menu section. You will get to see so many sub menu section of mortgages over there. Now click on calculators & Tools and finally tap on mortgage calculators. Use this online calculator to get an idea of how much you could borrow and compare monthly payments.

In this site, you will also get a mortgage overpayment calculator which can give you an idea of how overpaying on a mortgage could save you money by reducing the amount of interest charged.

9. Calculator.net

Visit: https://www.calculator.net/mortgage-calculator.html

As the name suggests, this is a site which provides fast, comprehensive and convenient 150 calculators of different categories. Calculator.net has a huge amount of online calculator tools which might need you in a particular time.

So from here, you can use this website to calculate your mortgage loan calculator. It is a popular and useful platform that is available for using many types of financial calculators such as

Loan Calculator
Auto Loan Calculator
Interest Calculator
Take-Home-Pay Calculator
Payment Calculator
Retirement Calculator
Amortization Calculator
Investment Calculator
Personal Loan Calculator
Inflation Calculator
Lease Calculator
Finance Calculator
Mortgage Payoff Calculator
Refinance Calculator
Credit Card Calculator
Income Tax Calculator
House Affordability Calculator

From this website I have taken a screenshot in which you have given lists of all types of calculators, which can be very useful in the future.

10. USmortgagecalculator

Visit: https://usmortgagecalculator.org/

As you may have known by name, this website is for U.S Mortgage Calculators. This website is slightly different than the other mortgage calculators because you can calculate your home loan very easily by adding many more things to it.

I liked the special thing on this website that when your calculation ends, you can get a print out of it, whose button is right below the page. Along with this, you can share your calculation page with anyone through a unique link.

USmortgagecalculator has it’s Android and iOS app, which you can download via this website.

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