How young you look, it depends on your deep sleep. Quality Health also depends on your sleeping schedule. Your studies and your diligence also depend on your excellent bedtime. Your thinking power and all your relationships depend on your sound sleep. Diseases like depression, migration, and cancer also rely on the quality of your comfortable sleep position.

Researches show that good bedtime is more important than your quality dose and exercise. So read this article entirely because I will tell you at what age should we get so much sleep and what you can do for fall asleep well.

So let’s first see at how many hours should you get to sleep.

In 2015, the National Sleep Foundation created a panel of 18 experts from 12 organizations, who collected all the scientific data and gave the recommendation that at what age should we sleep for how many hours. This website created nine categories according to age, which has different sleeping duration.

Years (Age Group)Sleeping Duration
New Born (0-3 Months)14-17 Hours
Infants (4-11 Months)12-15 Hours
Toddlers (1-2 Years)11-14 Hours
Preschoolers (3-5 Years)10-13 Hours
School Aged (6-13 Years)9-11 Hours
Teenagers (14-17 Years)8-10 hours
Young Adults (18-25 Years)7-9 Hours
Adults (26-64 Years)7-9 Hours
Older Adults ( above 65 Years)7-8 Hours

But now the question arises that we take full sleeping hours but after that our freshness is not available on our body and face. So the answer is only one reason, and that is the quality of poor sleeping quality. So let us see what we can do for deep sleep.

7 Best and Proven Practices for Better Sleep

1. Avoid Using Gadget Screen Before Bed Time

Our body releases a hormone named Melatonin. This hormone is responsible for our healthy sleep. Our eyes have a sensor called Melanopsin Photoreceptor. Whenever these sensors see the light of 460-480 NM, i.e., the Blue Light reduces the production of Melatonin. This means that you will get very little sleep.

Whatever the screens, whether it’s a television, mobile, or your laptop or LCD screen, they all produce Blue Light. Scientific studies say that people who use tablets, smartphones, laptops before sleeping, their sleep is less than 1 hour. Now we have four solutions for handling this thing.

  • Avoid using screens for 30 minutes or 1 hour before bedtime. I know this is a difficult task because we all are addicted to our smartphone. But see the second option below.
  • Enable Blue Light filter on your smartphone for 30 minutes or 1 hour before sleeping time.
  • Download and Use Twilight App. it is synchronized with sun circle. As the evening goes on, our screen will turn from Blue to light orange and with its help, you can sleep deeply.
  • Download F.LUX for the laptop users. This application also works just like the Twilight app. This app filters the blue screen to orange screen.

2. Off All light of Your Bedroom and Make Dark Room

Meaning that the more you fall asleep fast in the darkroom you will get as much sleep. Now many of us will say that what is the need for darkness? We can also bind black band on our eyes. But let me tell you that this is a wrong way.

Like our sensors in our eyes, there are also light sensors in our skin, whose name is Photoreceptor.

When you go to fall asleep in light, a part of your body gives a message to your brain that it has to bedtime. While receiving the photoreceptor light in your skin, you send messages in your mind that it is the time of day and does not sleep which reduces the production of melatonin by 50%. And this makes you feel very little sleep.

So, make sure that your room is so dark that you will not see your hand in it too. It may be that many people do not sleep without light. In this case, he can fall asleep with a night light bulb of red light color which has very low intensity.

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3. Decrease Your Body and Room Temperature

A study had conducted on those who had very little sleep by the scientists. Scientists wear them thermosuit which reduces their skin surface temperature by 1 degree. At the end of the study, it found that these people, who had difficulty in sleeping, now these people slept for the same amount of time as the ordinary people.

That is, the fact that both the quality and quantity of their sleep were affected by this factor. You can do two ways to reduce the temperature of your body.

  • You can bath with hot water 1 or 2 hour before sleeping. Now some people will question that we have to reduce the temperature of our body, why do we take a bath with hot water? So the answer is that after bathing with warm water the temperature of your body will increase slightly and then the temperature of your body will gradually decrease at your bedtime. And after that, you will fall asleep quickly.
  • The second option is you can buy a cooling mattress which will keep you fresh during the summer.

4. Try to Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine found in chocolate, coffee, red bull, coca-cola, etc. Its half-life is 5 – 8 hours. Which means that if you have a cup of tea, then after 8 hours, that half cup of tea will be activated in your body. And after 8 hours, 1/4 cup of that tea remains activated in your system, and it will keep your brain active. It will reduce the production of melatonin and give you less sleep.

So if you sleep at 10 o’clock at night, then make sure you do not use any caffeine after 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Or if you can, you should just quit using caffeine.

5. Your Bed is For Sleeping Not For Working

Your bed is just for sleeping and only use it for sleeping. Do not do any outdoor work such as office, school, dinner or breakfast in it. Because whenever you see something, the emotions get activated in your mind relating to that thing.

For example, when you see a file on your bed, then you start remembering all your work related to that file and activating it instead of relaxing your mind, and because of this, you will fall asleep lately.

Researchers also say that keep your electronic friends, such as mobile phones, iPad, laptops, televisions, etc. at least 2 meters away from your bed. Because all this will bring useless emotions in your mind, as well as all these things emit an electromagnetic field that causes many health problems.

Now some people will say that I use my phone to put an alarm. So you can buy a cheap alarm clock and keep it on the side of your bed. But make sure that don’t compromise with these factors.

6. Quiet Your Internal Gab

You must be experiences of one of the things, as thousands of questions come to your mind as soon as you go to bedtime. Why is this happening? Will you go ahead? How will everything be alright? When will all my work be completed? Or you start thinking about your own made future. Or you start thinking about the bad experiences of your past. After thinking of these, you don’t get sleep well.

Meditation is the best way to get rid of these problems. Meditation is very beneficial for our body. But very few of you do meditation. If you want to do meditation, you can easily take a sound sleep by meditating using these apps.

7. Go To Bed At Right and Fix Time

The time from 10 PM to 2 AM is also called Best Sleeping Time. At this time our body produces the most beneficial hormone such as Melatonin or Human Growth Hormone also known as Youth Hormone. For a great and good look, the time from 10 pm to 2 am is more beneficial.

Make sure you go to sleep before you get dark so that you will have more chances of better sleeping. Please make sure that you do not work in the night shift. Because in one study it is found that women who work in night shift are more likely to have breast cancer.

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