Facebook is the most used social network in the world, with more than 3 Billion active users according to SimilarWeb. Why wouldn’t you want to use this platform to advertise your product or services? Advertising your business in the Facebook marketing platform is very a good idea.

In this blog post, I am going to tell you the exact way or how to advertise on Facebook in a few steps. I’ll also share a fantastic software tool for Facebook marketing.

Before the start, I would like to answer some questions you may have.

Q.1 I’ve never used Facebook before, will I able to advertise on Facebook?

Firstly congratulations for not getting sucked into the Facebook hype. And secondly yes, of course, you can still use Facebook advertising. It is completely different from Facebook for personal use.

Although you will have to set up an account in order to get started with Facebook marketing or advertising.

Q.2 My Target Audience is B2B, can I still advertise on Facebook even though my audience isn’t B2C?

Absolutely! Once logged into Facebook, it continues to collect your data in the background even if the app/site is closed on your phone or browser. Think of how many people log into Facebook at work.

Q.3 I don’t want the whole of Facebook to see my ad, is there a way to only show my ads to certain types of people?

Yes! the targeting function on Facebook advertising or Facebook marketing is great, you can really pinpoint what type of people you want to target.

Steps to Advertise on Facebook

1. Get Setup of Your Facebook ad Account

In order to do so, you will need

  • A personal Facebook Account
  • A company page linked to your personal Facebook account
  • To set up an account

To do this, go to your Facebook business manager setting on Facebook.

facebook business

Under the People and Asset tab, click on “Ad Accounts”.

facebook business

On the right side of the page, select “Add New Ad Accounts”.

facebook business

Now choose “create a new Ad Account”.

2. Install the Facebook Pixel Tag to Your Site

The next important step before you get started with Facebook advertising is to install the Facebook Pixel Tag to your site. This way you can track when people come.

facebook business

3. Choosing Your Ad Objective

Facebook lets you choose what your marketing objective is for your ad campaign. The different objective is:

  • Reach
  • Brand Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Videos Views
  • Messages
  • Catalog Sales
  • Traffic
  • App Installs
  • Lead Generations
  • Conversion
  • Store Visits

Most of these are self-explanatory but here’s a quick summary of each.

Reach: This gets your ad out in front of as many eyes as possible.

Brand Awareness: This enables Facebook to get your ad out to people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service.

Engagement: Get like, comment and shares on a post, get event responses or page likes. There are 3 types of the ad format that fall under this campaign objective.

Videos Views: Get more people to view your videos.

Messages: Get more people to send messages to your business.

Catalog Sales: Automatically show items from your catalog based on your target audience.

Traffic: A traffic Ad sends more people to a destination on or off of Facebook. For example a website page.

App Installs: Get more people to install your app.

Lead Generation: Drive more sales leads from people already interested in your business.

Conversions: Drive more valuable actions on your Facebook page, in Messanger or on your website.

Store Visit: Get more people nearby to visit your store/business Ad types.

Facebook allows you to advertise around a range of different things, from text to image to video. Here is the summary of all the different types of ads you can post.

  • Video
  • Image
  • Carousel
  • Canvas
  • Offers
  • Event Response
  • Collection
  • Slideshow
  • Lead Generation
  • Post Engagement
  • Page Likes

The wide range of Ad types means you can choose what sort of Ad you think suits: your target audience, your product or service. For example, you run a clothing store a carousel Ad could be perfect for you. If you run a video production company a video Ad is probably the right Ad type for you. Organizing your first festival? An event response Ad will work a treat.

You can make common sense when making this decision, although it’s also a good idea to split test and see what Ad type work best for your company.

4. Boosted Posts

Boosted posts don’t fall under ‘Ad types in Facebook ads manager, instead, you can boost posts directly from your businesses’ Facebook page.

facebook business

Boosting a post means putting a bit of money behind a post to get it in front of a wider audience. While you can choose a target audience for a boosted post, you can’t choose what action you want the audience to take.

For example, you may be looking for people to visit a website page, but Facebook may decide to optimize your Ad for engagement – so you get loads of post likes and no website visits.

It’s best to stick to running a proper Facebook Ad through Ads Manager as you get more targeting options and can decide what your Facebook marketing objective is.

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5. Targeting Your Audience

Facebook is the best platform to use when it comes to targeting. You’re given an array of options to target people based on geography, job role, online activity, interest. You can even choose which postal code they live in and what school or university they go to.

it’s important to spend a lot of time on this part of the Ad process. You want to get this right to ensure you target your dream customer and you don’t waste money getting clicks from people who will never buy your product or service.

The key thing to remember when it comes to targeting is that you want to target each stage of the buying cycle. You want to target people who already considering buying your product or service at the same time as targeting those who don’t even know you exist.

The way to target people at different stages of the buying cycle is to create different Ads within your Ad groups. You have no idea where members of your audience are within the buying cycle so you need to ensure your ads reach out to each stage.

Once you have different ads focusing on the different stages of the buying cycle you can check back to see which ads are most successful and which need tweaking. If you’re solely focusing on retargeting with the help of Facebook Pixel, you can write your ads exclusively to reach out to the ‘deal’ stage of the buyer’s journey.

6. Set Your Own Budget

facebook marketing

Deciding on a budget for your Facebook ads can be hard. How do you know what to spend if you’ve never run ads on Facebook marketing platform before? A good idea when starting a campaign on Facebook is to start with a trial amount. For example, set your total budget to $50 and see how far it gets you.

Be careful not to set a daily budget with no end date if you don’t want to spend all of your company’s money. Also be wary that Facebook cheekily sets the total budget to $350 as a suggested amount.

7. What Makes a Good Ad

So know you know how to set up an ad, but how do you know how to set up a good Ad. Here are some tips that are vital in ensuring your ad performs. to the best of its ability.

Use simple, bold imagery with little or no text in the image.

If you have to much text on your image Facebook will rarely show your ad. Simple and bold stands out, and if you’re thinking about running an ad with no image at all just don’t bother.

Set a goal for your campaign.

You need a goal to ensure you know what the aim of the ad is. How are you going to know if your campaign has been successful if you don’t know what you’re measuring?

Use Video.

Video ads grab the audience’s attention and are very effective on Facebook marketing platform. Although always bear in mind that only decent videos are effective, don’t post a video ad for the sake of posting a video ad. Make it look sleek and professional and reflect your business the right way.

Don’t go it alone.

Get people to read over your ad ideas to ensure they make sense and look good. Spend time on audience targeting. If you don’t want to waste money spend as much time necessary on targeting the right audience.

Facebook allows you to delve deep into this so make the most of it.

Take risks.

Funny ads work. Be brave and ensure your text/imagery fits in with the tone of voice.

8. Measuring Success

facebook business

The next step to running your ads on Facebook is measuring what’s worked and what hasn’t and why. Facebook allows you to view lots of stats around your ads. Always check back to see which ads have brought you the most clicks. For example, you can then pause the ads that aren’t working and work on the ads that are.

It’s essential to install the Facebook Pixel so you can track conversions and retarget audience members at a later date. Measuring success and failure also means you can report back to your Manager and show progress and give suggestions for future ad campaigns.

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Final words

So these are the 8 steps with the help of you can advertise your business on Facebook. The Facebook marketing platform really help you and guide you a lot.

Recommended Software for Facebook Marketing

So are you really serious about Facebook marketing? If your answer is yes, then you have to work smartly. Setting up the Facebook ads is a little bit boring and time-consuming. Even on Facebook, you have to take care of the whole clicks and sells.

Now, I want to suggest you a software that helps you to build a very highly targeted audience on Facebook without wasting your time. The tool name is SimpleSocialTool.

facebook businesses

The features of this Software tool is

  • This software is beginner friendly
  • You can install this software in a single click.
  • This is a fully Automated software.
  • This software helps you to target your specific audience on Facebook.
  • You can use this software for any specific Niche.
  • Most important, it promises you Money-Back Guarantee.

Just Click here to see this Software Tool >> SimpleSocialTools

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