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Dog Training Near Me: Find Best Dog Trainer [Zipcode Search]

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Are you searching for dog training near me? Use our dog trainer locator that helps you to search hundreds of top-rated, certified, and experienced dog trainer near your areas.

Find Nearest Best and Top Rated Dog Training Center By Zipcode Search

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Tips to Find a Perfect Dog Trainer For Your Dog

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1. First Find Out What You Want To Teach Your Dog

Before finding any dog ​​trainer, it is very important to know exactly what you want to teach your dog. Your dog will have many bad behaviors that you want to improve. 

So first, any dog trainer will ask you this question that what types of bad behavior have in your dog or what you want to teach him. 

Therefore, before going to hire any dog trainer, make lists of what you want to teach him. 

2. Take Reference From Others

Sometimes taking references from others helps you a lot to save your time to find a good dog trainer near your area for your dog. You can ask your friends, colleagues or neighbors regarding having the best dog trainer nearby. 

If they already hired a dog trainer then he/she can share what was his/her experiences or expectations with him.

3. Check Certification & Experiences of Trainer

While searching for any dog trainer, make sure to test its ability, certification, and experience. This is very important for both you and your dog. There are many dog professionals who don’t have any certifications and experiences.

Sometimes certification is not necessary to train your dog. But if they have you’ll be more confident about that trainer that they will do his/her job perfectly according to your needs.

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Find Nearest Dog Training Center City-Wise in the USA

Note: I listed 2 best dog trainer of 20 top popular cities of the U.S.A. You can find the training center by directly clicking on the city name by visiting the “Table of Content”. If you’re not living in the below-mentioned cities, you can still find the top best dog trainer by entering your zip code in the Dog Trainer search section.

New York City

1. Instinct Dog Behaviour & Training


With 5 star rating, Instinct Dog Training is a highly rated dog training service provider in NYC. All team members are highly certified and trained. They will provide practical, positive and effective training to your dog. 

2. Yuruani Olguin Dog Training


Yuruani Olguin is one of the best and highly recommended dog trainers if you’re looking for a dog training service in New York City. She is competent, insightful-friendly and reliable. 

San Francisco

1. Koru k9 Dog Training


Koru k9 is an amazing dog training service provider in San Francisco. Their trainers speak with your dog fluently and they quickly get connected with your dog.

2. Refined K-9 Dog Training 


Theo and their refined K-9 team are very good. She is an amazing, kind, and realistic trainer. We highly recommend her and Refined K-9, if you’re searching for dog trainers in San Francisco. 


1. Sit Means Sit Dog Training


This is one of the popular dog coach service providers in Chicago and the North Shore. Sit Means Sit has certified and professional team dog trainers that revolutionize the quality of life with fun, obedient and confident dogs. 

2. Downtown Dog Chicago


Downtown Dog Training system is effective that set up communication systems with your dog through markers. Here the learning phase of your dogs is all with positive reinforcement. So this is another great place to improve your dog behavior. 


1. Peace Love and Dogs


At Peace Love and Dogs, their aim is to provide every experience a learning opportunity for you and your dog as well. Through its amazing teaching programs, utilizing dog training techniques that emphasize patience and consistency. 

2. The Houston Dog Trainer


It is one of the best professional dog trainers in Houston. A former German military captain who has more than 30 years of experience, over 1500 dogs trained since 2012. We recommend this trainer if you’re searching for the best dog training in Houston.


1. Rob’s Dog Training


A great place if you’re searching for a dog trainer in Phoenix. They have the passion to provide quality training and good behavior for your dogs. Rob’s train all types of dogs like puppies and adults.

2. Phoenix Dog Training LLC.


If you are looking for the best dog trainers in the Phoenix-Mesa area, it will be a better option for you. Its team is highly professionals, on-time, and will do an amazing job with your dog. You can hire a dog trainer from here without any doubt.


1. Camp Bow Wow


This is an amazing place if you’re looking for a dog trainer in Philadelphia city. Camp Bow Wow mostly have a Google rating of 5 stars, so that you can train your dog here without any hesitation. This is a worth dog training center in Philadelphia.

2. Stronghaus Dog Training Center


Chris Carr owner of this training center. He is a professional and experienced dog obedience trainer and dog behaviorist. Based in the Philadelphia marketplace. Stronghaus provides its services to three different states such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

San Antonio

1. Bulletproof Dog Training


If you’re looking best-rated dog coaching center near you, then must visit here once. Here you’ll get the best and professional dog trainers in every location. Bulletproof Dog training has several operations such as San Antonio, Texas, and Cincinnati, Ohio.

2. LOMA Behavior and Training


Loma Behavior and Training center are well known in San Antonio. One of their team members will come to your home and train your dog in their environment. The price is very reasonable and their training is also well worth.

San Diego

1. Canine Dimensions In-Home Dog Training


This is the best option in San Diego city if you’re looking for dog teacher near you. This dog training center has a rating achievement of all 5 stars at Google. So you can trust here and spend your money. I don’t think you will find a good dog trainer in this city except for Canine Dimensions.

2. Bark Busters Home Dog Training


Justin Scher is an award-winning and certified Dog Behavioral Therapist and Master Trainer in San Diego city. He has more than 11 years of experience as a dog behavioral therapist and trained thousands of dogs. You can know more about him on his website.


1. USA Dog Behavior


One of the best dog trainers in Dallas is USA Dog Behavior. The man behind this successful training center is Scott Sheaffer. Scot Sheaffer is a certified canine behavior consultant located in which is located in Dallas. You can hire Scott on by call, email or their website.

2. DFW K9 Trainer


Preston is the professional and certified trainer at DFW K9 Training. He provides an excellent service in training dogs and owners. He will explain all the psychology of dogs and how they work to the owner. Book an appointment by calling him or visiting his website.

San Jose

1. Happy Tails to You Dog Training


“It is not only a dog trainer but it also provides people training, on how to keep their dog perfect. Their training classes cover basic dog obedience, behavior problem-solving techniques, household, and public good manners.

2. D For Dog Inc


D for Dog delivers practical, convenient and effective dog training solutions to busy professionals and families. They offer different excellent services such as day school, board & train, private training, behavior consultations, group classes, and limited boarding.


1. Zoom Room Dog Training


Zoom Room is a great place if you need a flexible schedule for dog school. It is one of the popular indoor dog training center. They offer varieties of services in their center such as small group classes, private training, and playgroups, popular events such as Doggy Disco, Agility League, and dog birthday parties.

1. Bark Busters Home Dog Training Austin


It is one of the popular in-home dog training in Austin city. They already trained more than a million dogs using just normal communication techniques. Their experience dog trainers solve many challenging dog behavior issues such as aggression, destruction, separation anxiety as well as barking, jumping, and many more.


1. Sit Happens Jacksonville Dog Training


Sit Happens Dog Training provides professional in-home dog coaching services in Jacksonville City and nearby County. One of the team members will come to your home and help with dog teaching, manners, obedience, behavioral issues, potty training, crate training.

2. Off Leash K9 Training


Off-Leash K9 Training maybe your one of the best decisions for your puppy. You should consider this trainer in if you’re looking qualified trainer in Jacksonville. Many people have excellent experience and recommending this for dog training.

Fort Worth

1. K-9 Connection


Brian Cunningham is popular and experienced dog trainer in Fort Worth city with over 30+ years experience. He trained all types breeds, all ages, and all behavioral problems. He is a behavioral expert specializing in aggressive dogs. Brian Cunningham trained more than thousands of dogs and their happy owners over the years including many local celebrities.

2. Night & Day K9 Training


Night and Day K9 Training is a famous nearby puppy training center for house pets in Fort Worth city. They help all issues related to your dog behavior like manners, listening, and advanced commands. For more information visit their website or contact.


1. Canine Dimensions In-Home Dog Training


If you’re looking best dog trainer in Charlotte and nearby County, it would be the best option for you. Canine Dimensions is well-known certified in-home dog trainers have been helping out of control dogs become polite and well mannered since 1997. They will train your dog in your home – using humane, natural methods.

2. Uber Dog


UberDog Training is a premier dog training service in Charlotte and nearby counties. They believe in a proactive dog teaching, that starts from the time when you bring your dog into your home. They have a unique and highly-effective training approach that consistently delivers results to their client’s expectations.


1. Columbus All-Breed Training


It is only one dog training in Columbus that provide their services for 24 hours. It is also one of the best and popular dog trainer in Columbus City and nearby County. To book an appointment visit their website or call them or you can drop an email.

2. Buckeye K9

Buckeye K9 specializes in obedience and behavior training for dogs. They have an amazing facility in Obetz. Buckeye K9 offers many services and is both professional and knowledgeable. They have a team of professional dog trainers that can train and kennel your dog in a positive, healthy environment.


1. Zoom Room Dog Training


They provide positive dog training in a group or private classes in an indoor with a temperature-controlled facility. They have puppy classes and socialization, adult obedience, agility, rally, scent and more. They’re providing their services in Seattle, Shoreline, Edmonds, Lynwood, Everett, Bellevue, Kirkland, and all surrounding areas.

2. The Puppy Perfectors


If you’re looking puppy training near Seattle, this would be the perfect choice for your puppy. Nancy Hansen is the owner of The Puppy Perfectors who educates and helps dog owners to build a relationship with their pets.


1. PAVLOV Dog Training Denver


There is a lot of pet training centers in Denver city but Pavlov is the most recommended dog training center in Denver city and nearby areas. Pavlov is unique and offers both traditional training and contemporary training. They provide in-home dog teaching and board-and-train.

2. Noble Beast Dog Training


It would be your second best choice if you’re searching for a puppy trainer in Denver. Noble Beas is the top relationship-focused dog teaching center in Denver, Colorado. They teach well-socialized dogs that make balanced with people and other dogs.


1. All Ways Dog Training


If you want to hire a dog trainer in Washington city then I would recommend it first. They’re providing canine training and obedience classes and services for the pet you love to live with. They have excellent reviews on Google and it definitely worth investing for your lovely puppy.

2. Positive Approach Dog Training & Daycare


Positive Approach is in the dog training business with more than 20 years. They have a vet-referred training center in the Tacoma area and consistently providing a safe, well-staffed daycare floor. So this is another a good option if you’re looking to hire a dog trainer.


1. Argos Dog Training


It provides effective teaching for dogs of all ages and temperaments. As an independent, it is a locally-based company that serving Boston city and nearby areas. They have several years of perfection in teaching dogs and educating parents and they love doing both.

2. Greater Boston Dog Training


Zephyr is a certified and experienced trainer at Off-Leash K9 Training. He would be the perfect trainer for your dog. If you need Dog Obedience Training in Boston city. You can hire him by calling them or visiting their website.


1. Canine To Five


From grooming to daycare, Canine To Five staff will really care about your dogs. Canine to Five deliver the training service to your dogs of Metro Detroit with a fun and safe Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding environment.

2. K9 Turbo Training


K9 Turbo Training is a well-known company in Detroit city. Its team members will build a better relationship with your dog and achieve your training goals through in-home training, give video consultations, group classes, and educational seminars.

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