smart contracts

What are Smart Contracts? Features and Challenges of Smart Contracts

After reading this post you will understand what smart contracts are? How does it work and why it is viewed as revolutionary? I’ll explain in very easy terms that how…

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bonus shares

What is Bonus Shares? Benefits & Basic Knowledge of Bonus Shares

What are the Bonus Shares? Whenever a company announces a bonus shares issue, the number of shares held by investors increase in a proportion. Example: 1:1 Bonus Shares means your…

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term insurance

What is Term Insurance? Benefits of Term Insurance

What is Term Insurance? Term insurance is pure life insurance policy that is effective for a specific period. So, when the policyholder dies in the time of policy period, then…

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EBITDA – Earning Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization

In this article, we are going to talk about the matrics which help you to evaluate a company. The metrics are EBITDA. It is nothing but earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and…

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What are Debentures? The Big Difference Between Shares and Debentures

What are the Debentures? Whenever a company needs funding for its extension and development, in such a situation, the company issue his shares. But if the company does not want…

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inspirational books

5 Best and Powerful Inspirational Books That Will Make You Rich

If you read these inspirational books then I’m sure that your mind will change instantly. Regardless of how different we are, each and every single of us is trying to…

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EPS: What is Earning Per Share and How to Analyze it?

What is EPS? Most people call it EPS. It will tell you how much profit will be on each share of the company if the profits are divided. Therefore formula…

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money market instruments

Money Market Instruments: 10 Popular Types of Money Market Instruments

Money Market Instruments Money Market instruments include the debt of securities that are supposed to be redeemed within the very short period and there is no risk of default. Features of…

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reverse mortgage

Reverse Mortgage: Complete Information on Reverse Mortgage

We all know about Home Loans. But do you know about the reverse mortgages? Reverse Mortgage is completely opposite from the home loan. So let’s first see the complete details…

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what is gratuity

Gratuity: 4 Important Information About Gratuity and Its Calculation

Friends! Gratuity in India is a very important part of the salary. But still many people don’t have complete information about what it is? Many people don’t know how it…

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