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Choosing a perfect name for your business or startup might be difficult for some people. There is a lot of small work you have to do before going to start a business or startup. And the naming or generating business name is one of the most important tasks. We are going to list the 14 best business name generator that helps you to search for a unique brand name.

You may have already thought of a name for your business, but when you know about that name, it may be the name of another business, or someone else has registered that name.

In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to find a unique and fresh name for your business. But you have nothing to worry about. We are going to tell you about some great websites which help you to find a name for your startup or business.

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1. Namelix

Namelix brand name generator tool

It uses artificial intelligence(AI) to generate a short, brandable business name. Namelix searches for domain availability and instantly create a logo for your new or small business idea. Namelix is my first and favorite tool for generating a business name. It generates sort, branded, names that are relevant to your business idea. When you enter a name, the algorithm learns your preferences and gives you a better recommendation over time.

2. Business Name Generator

business name generator

Put your words that matching your business, service, and product and The Business Name Generator AI will generate hundreds of company or business ideas for you.

TIP: Use those keywords that pass value, emotion, and uniqueness of your company or business name.

3. Anadea

Anadea business name generator service

Anadea is another great business name generator system that helps you to find a relevant business name if you put the keyword in the search box. You will get a lot of uniques and fresh business name ideas related to your niche.

Anadea also provides several types of services like web development, Mobile development, Web and UI design, Mobile App Design, etc.

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4. Cool Name Ideas

Cool name ideas name generator tool

Really, It has the best AI business name generator that helps to find the correct and suitable business name for your company. In this, you have to write a word that describes your business or service, type of your business, what type of benefits that provide to your customers, and lastly you can choose the type of domain (.com, .org, .us, .info) that available for you.

5. Wordlab

Wordlab company name generator

Wordlab can be the ultimate business name generator tool for you. The best thing about this site that whatever your company or business name needs Wordlab business name generator is available for you. This site provides others name generator including Business Name Generator, Team Name Generator, Name Builder, Band Name Generator, Restaurant/Bar Name Generator, and many more.

6. Brandings

brandings business name finder tool

Brandings.com is one of the growing company that allows you to generate a free business name related to your niche. The best thing about Brandings.com is that you can choose several categories that your blogs are related to. You can search your business name by Industry, Style & Feeling, and Letter & Length.

7. Dotomator

Dotomator bsuiness name finder tool

It is basically a domain name creator but it is not like any other domain name provider. In this, you get a lot of advanced options for creating your business name. The Dotomator AI system works excellently for searching your company, product or service name.

How it Works: Choose or type a word from the left box, then choose or type your own word from the right box. Now click on the combine button and the result name will be displayed on the Scratchbox. I think Dotomator provides excellent software for creating a business name or domain name.

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8. Shopify

Shopify product or domain name generator

Almost everyone will be aware of this company. But if you do not know about this company yet, then let me tell you that this is a great website where you can start your own online shop. Apart from starting a shop, you can also search for the name of your shop or business from here.

9. Brandroot

Brandroot company name generator

Brandroot – The smarter way to name your business name. There are thousands of quality, hand-picked, and unique business names are available. You can search your company name with the help of different categories, personalities, and name sets. The best thing about this website I like most is it allows us to buy a premium business name which already listed below.

10. Namesmith

namesmith company name generator

Namesmith.io is best known for a creative business name generator. Finding a good name is not as easy as you think. Namesmith offers you various features which are helpful for finding a perfect business name related to your niche. Enter up to 5 words related to your niche and the available name will be displayed to you. You can also generate some random names by clicking on the below button.

11. Names4Brands

names4brands company name generator

Names4brands is also a smart and fantastic AI system that allows you to generate any niche of the business name for free. It helps you to find a new and creative brand name. You can try one time to get a more unique brand name or business name. Just write your custom word related to your niche and select ending as well as starting word and hit the enter brand name generator button.

12. Namestation

Namestation brand name generator

It is a simple and perfect brand name generator. Namestation claims that it generates 13 million names monthly. It also holds crowdsourced naming contests to get name ideas from its community. You can find the latest contest winner on the homepage. So, just pick the keyword which is important for your business and enter the search box. You will get a lot of ideas from here.

13. FreshBooks

Freshbooks name generator tool

Freshbooks is an accounting software tool that can be a beneficial platform for your small business. If you’re not able to find your business name, then Freshbooks is here for you. It has a fantastic AI system which offers you a hundred of catchy and interesting brand names. Just tell a little bit about yourself so Freshbooks can make names tailored to your industry.

14. Naming.net

naming business name system

Naming.net provides a free online naming service where you can find unique, fresh, catchy brand, products, services names. This site has very simple and easy to use. You just have to type a word, syllable or letter. You can also create a name by combining and choosing different types of words from the dropdown list. Apart from this, If you want to create a domain name, then it is also helpful for that.

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