So in this article, I am going to explain some fantastic video marketing tips and ideas that help you to grow your business, youtube channels, sales etc.

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10+ Video Marketing Tips and ideas

1. Start With an Objective

Don’t do anything else until everyone involved in the video project is absolutely clear on why you are doing it. Print this objective out and stick it up on the wall for everyone to see. This will increase your conversion rate quickly.

2. Create an About me Video

You can include this in your business YouTube channel trailer or on your website on the home page or about me page. It’s going to allow potential customers, potential viewers to really connect with you on a more personal level.

People want to know that why you do, what you do. Once they know these, they’re able to relate your story, your journey and it really builds like trust and really accelerates the relationship.

3. First 10 Seconds

The bounce rates are huge when it comes to videos, someone’s looking at a video, they’re gonna kinda browse at it and then they’re gonna leave, usually within 10 seconds.

And the reason for that is not how entertaining the video is, the reason for that is it’s not something the person is looking for at the moment. So you really really want to bring that message home within the first 10 seconds.

If you’re talking about a product, get the benefits of the product right away within the first 10 seconds. Do it yourself kind of a before and after kind of a product, show the before and after picture right away within the first 10 seconds. Because someone is gonna go, Oh yeah I want to know more about that, and they’re gonna watch the rest of the video.

4. Turn Your Fans Into Influencers

The year 2017 was probably the year of influencer marketing across all social media. For those who are not familiar with influencer marketing, it’s companies and brands reaching out to someone who has a large social media following on the internet. They’re asking them to promote their product.

Social media influencer marketing is different from a paid actor advertisement that you might see on TV. Those people are there, it’s a script within a closed environment.

When you’re reaching out to an influencer, most influencers are held by a principle that they’re not gonna promote a brand that they themselves don’t already love.

When you want someone to represent your brand, you’re gonna give them talking points and they’re gonna use those to communicate with their audience.

So it’s not gonna be exactly what you want them to say, but they should be able to hit the points that you want to be communicated in a way that’s relatable to their audience.

That way comes off very genuine, very heartfelt and it creates a much better connection with your brand, your product, and their audience.

5. Having A Call to Action on Your Videos

Having a “Call to Action” on your videos is a very smart video marketing strategy for converting your sales.

Not only are you connecting with the viewer on a personal level by actually speaking with them on video but then you’re asking them to do something.

Now whether that downloads your free worksheet or signup for your webinar by you personally asking them on video. They’re going to be much more likely to do it.

So how can they sign up?

While YouTube has a great option card and they can click that and instantly be taken to your signup page. Or you can tell them “Click the link in the description box below to get my free ebook”. This will increase your conversion rate.

Video Marketing Tips on Restaurant

When looking for a restaurant to dine in the booking process is one filled with a lot of emotion also having a video for your restaurant is probably the best way to showcase. Everything like guests coming in orders being taken, the food being prepared, the drink being poured and just the overall atmosphere.

From a purely commercial perspective stats show that A person is 76% more likely to book a restaurant with a website that contains a video. 

So, if you’re running a restaurant and you want to more customers then you must have to use videos marketing to drive more customers into your restaurant.

Below 5 video marketing strategy will help you to do that.

1. Education Video Content

So, you obviously make good food. Why not share some of your secret or unique recipes? I know this is a touchy area you don’t want to let all of your secrets out but it’s a wonderful way to build Trust.

It’s also the content that spreads easily because it’s a great stuff. You know when people make it they share it with friends and family members and it becomes viral.

2. Go Back In Time

Does your restaurant have some history whether it was the building that’s it’s based on family, a secret recipe even? You could speak to local residents who have been coming to your restaurant since day one and get them. Just share their thoughts on why they come and obviously, you can use that as social content.

3. Raves

So everything from your customers to your team, your staff, your head chefs, your team members what better way to spread your story by showing amazing experiences and life stories. This could be your head chef being there for 20, 30, 40, 50 years or customers who would just keep coming back. Just get them to share why they keep going back effectively.

4. Tour Your Customers

Tour your customers and fans always love a bit of action. So showing them the actual restaurant on a 360 tour maybe or just a walk around showing where they enter from where they dine. If you’ve got a kitchen that the guests can see showing that as well.

5. Giving Back

If you do anything with your local community centers or charities whether’s that donates source of food or hosting events at your restaurants, this is the perfect way to showcase your support and a great way to use video as well.

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Video Marketing Ideas For Christmas

The holiday is very quickly approaching Christmas is around the corner. So in this, I wanted to share a couple of things that you can do to help your business whether you’re a service based business or product based business achieve more sales and more awareness over the holiday period.

1. Reward Your Customer

This is something that I think is very easy to market, easy to results. For example, if you have a restaurant promo code, I am sure that you do these kinds of things on regular basis.

Having something special for Christmas, just gift your customers through video marketing. Giving any special gift to your customer or audience through the video, they’ll realize that the person is very trustable.

2. Hold a Contest

If you’re a personal trainer, why not hold an Instagram contest or it can be on Facebook where someone has to publish a photo of something very creative and at the end of that they could win.

Two personal sessions with you or whatever it was whether it’s that one introductory and then the percentage off the rest whatever it is.

On Instagram, it is a great way to use that because it’s visuals but obviously, Facebook and Twitter work across all of them.

3. Collaborate With Others

You know when you are in business to grow the quickest way possible, it’s all about collaboration. Collaboration help a lot on video marketing.

For example, if you have a company that makes sportswear, why not partner up with perhaps a football club. That’s a brilliant way to get more people quicker. So collaborating with other companies help you drive more traffic to your business.

Recommended Tools for Video Marketing

So, If you use these video strategies into your business will definitely increase your sales. But, I am going to tell you some tool that helps you with this. The tool names and links are given below. You can visit and your video marketing strategy more.

  1.  Videopal – Create Fully Interactive 3D, 2D and Human Talking Video Avatars In few Seconds With  Futuristic Technology…
  2. Viddyoze – You Can Stand Out, Captivate Your Prospects And Clients And Explode Your Client Base.
  3. Videomarketingblaster – The Only Software That Is Able To Reverse-Engineer YT & Google Ranking System and Rank Hundreds Of Videos With The Click Of 3 Buttons! 
  4. VideoWrapper – Create Amazing Eye-popping, attention-grabbing Viral videos in few minutes.
  5. SimpleSocialTool – Social Media Marketing Automation Tools Used To Build Highly Engaged Audiences & Leads for your product or services.
  6. SociFeed (Automated video & Traffic Software) – World’s FASTEST & Automated Video Creator & Messenger For HIGH Converting & HIGHLY Engaging Trigger Videos That SELL your product!
  7. VideomakerFX – Kick Start Your Way To Profits With Video! Get Training, More Scenes & Greater Possibilities!
  8. EasySketchPro – “THE #1 Doodle Software Allows You To Create Amazing and NEW Interactive Sketch Videos, SkyRocket Engagement And Boost Sales by 337% for ANY Business or NICHE”.
  9. Explaindio – Discover the Proven Video Creator That Attracts, Engages, And Converts Visitors to Buyers. 2D & 3D Animation, Explainer, Doodle Sketch And Motion In Minutes!
  10. VideoRobot – World’s Only ‘ALL-INCLUSIVE’ Video Platform To Create fastest Next GenerationPro-Quality Videos In Any Language or Niche Within Minutes…


So, these are some video marketing strategies that help you to grow your business, youtube views or sales. Include these video marketing tips and ideas into your business and start achieving your goals easily.


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