100+ Motivational Quotes For 2019

There is no such thing that a human can not do today. With the help of motivational quotes or any inspiration, today every person on Earth can easily achieve his destination. The success of many great men such as Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Ratan Tata, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs etc. have been met with their hard work and passion.

All these people have flagged their success with different places in the world. There is only one reason behind the success of all of these and those of these people never thought that I can not do this work, but instead of thinking that they have achieved success, only I can do this work only. With all these same thinking and belief in Him, today he is one of the most successful people in the world.

If you too want to be like all these people or want to succeed, then you have to make some changes in yourself. For this, you have to be motivated to do something. You have to bring the energy inside you to complete any work.

Therefore, in order to fatten the energy inside you, and to satisfy, I have listed some of the best motivational quotes which can prove to be very beneficial for your life. Read these motivational quotes and identify your inner strength. I’m pretty sure that you can increase your chances of being successful by reading these motivational quotes.

If you’re a student then you can read these motivational quotes for the student, If you’re a worker, then you can use these motivational quotes for work. Now, without wasting of you’re time, let’s go below for 100+ best motivational quotes.

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101 Best Motivational Quotes

The fun to win comes only when everyone is waiting for you to lose.

Keep fighting with failure, keep rising every time, despite falling, try again and never give up.

Keep falling, keep on wandering, keep learning, but never give up.

The world does not give you anything for free Never have the priceless things like success. Therefore success will be to work hard to taste like a dish.

During the rain, all the birds seek shelter, but the buzzes fly over the clouds. Problems are common, but your Attitude produces these differences.

Nothing happens only with dreams, it is achieved through success efforts.

Those who want to get the floor, they make a bridge of stones even on the sea.

There is a risk in the escape, so there is a greater risk in staying in it, what is it to do? Keep moving slowly.

In the struggle, the man is alone, the world in success with him, the one on which the world is laughing has created history.

Motivational Quotes

After the breakdown of a dream, the fate of the second dream is called ‘life’.

Do not let your failures dominate over yourself, but use the failures as a ladder to your success.

You can not erase your problems and difficulties until you consider others because of your problems and difficulties.

Failure can be approved, but efforts to succeed cannot be approved.

To learn to swim, it will have to fall into the water, sitting on the edge does not make a diver.

If there are difficulties in life then don’t be sad, because the hard role are given only to the good actor.

If someone resolves to fight with darkness, then even a single firefly takes all darkness.

Do not be frustrated at any time in life, because the sun is too sharp, the ocean never dry.

Those who are dead, they write the same history, only the wise people read about them.

No devotion is greater than rituals and there is no legacy of honesty.

Motivational Quotes work

Humans are born in every household but humanity is born somewhere.

Not all lessons are available in books, some lessons also teach life.

If we want, we can write our own destiny on our own strengths and hard work, and if we do not want to write our destiny then circumstances will write our destiny.

We always think about what we do not have, we never think about how much we have.

If you really learned to love yourself, then it is not possible that you do not love this world.

Put trust in yourself, strength becomes, and keep on others becomes a weakness.

If there is anything to do in life then tell the truth, do not talk about twists and turns.

Do open minds, because these days are not coming again.

Stop seeing others reverse, first bury their own mistakes.

Getting to the floor is a very distant thing, so you will not be able to see the paths even if you live in poverty.

Don’t tell me what they said about me. Tell me why they came so comfortable to say it around you.

According to some fools, if the man doesn’t smoke or drink then he is a child.

Prolonged thread and prolongation tongue only gives problems. Therefore it is advisable to wrap the thread and put the tongue together.

There can not be a bigger enemy than the deceiver by staying together. And who can tell us our evils on our face, can not be a big friend.

The winner is none other than a loser, who, after losing, once again tries.

Become so successful with your hard work, that even your father of your enemy cannot spoil anything.

Motivational Quotes of the day


Time is yours. If you want then make it gold otherwise waste it by sleeping.

Not to understand some things. Rather, it comes only after passing on itself.

When something good happens, the person who remembers first is the most precious person in life.

Remembering one thing in life, where there is no struggle, there is no success.

On the path, you remain alone, then understand that you are walking on the right path, because nobody joins on the path of truth.

Only the brightness of the successful person is visible, no one knows how many darknesses he has seen.

Many times I feel defeated, but later I remember, now I have to prove many people wrong.

If the people didn’t with you then don’t be unhappy. If you have a dream, you will have to try.

Humans are forced to make bad when people take advantage of their goodness.

Never be disappointed, friends, life can suddenly turn out to be better than anywhere.

Never forget about your shortcomings in leisure, the desire to become a mirror of others will be erased.

To be successful, you have to walk alone, people come back after we get successful.

When the steps are exhausted, the courage comes together and when someone does not accompany, then God accompanies.

Instead of finding success in falling in someone’s feet, follow your feet and decide to become something.

If your trust is on God, then the person who is destined will get the same. But if you trust yourself, then whatever you want will be found.

This world often loses cheaply, those who do not know the value of their own.

If you are going through a lot of troubles then remember one thing that the stars never shine without the darkness.

If you have to add to drugs, take intoxication of hard work, addiction will also lead to success.

Nour will only come in the face when the inside gurus will come out.

It is not necessary to be sick due to illness. Some people even get sick by seeing the happiness of others.

Motivational Quotes by women

To change your life, you have to fight and understand your life to make it easier.

As long as you do not have the courage to run, as far as possible in the competition for you.

Only the horrors of false pride flutter more. There is no voice in the flight of the hawk

I am a little stubborn, I do not want to see a dream, I can not lose without struggling for my dreams, it does not come to me.

Standing on your feet is better than living by kneeling.

I do not have a heap of riches, but I am interested in buying the whole world with love.

The lion itself is called the King by its power, there is no election in the forest.

If you are tired of trying out luck, then try yourself, the results will be better.

Successful people change the world with their decisions and the failed people change their decisions from fear of the world.

The world is a book that can never be read. But the time is the master who teaches everything.

If you want to move forward, stop listening to useless people, they will only weaken your self-confidence.

Defeat is not there when you fall, defeat takes place when you refuse to rise.

Do not use both time and word with negligence, because these two do not come again and do not give chance.

A good person is known only by his words and deeds, otherwise, good things are written on the walls too.

There is only one difference between dreams and goals. To dream, sleep without effort and for goal, effort without sleep.

Iron can not do any harm except its own corrosion. Similarly, no person can destroy anyone except his mentality.

To enjoy success, it is necessary that human beings pass through difficulties and reach them.

The body should be beautiful or not, but the words must be beautiful because people forget the face but do not forget the words.

Never ruin your energy in worry. Use it to find a solution.

Our problem is solved only by us, others have only suggestions.

Success arises from the coolness of the mind, cold iron can cut and turn the hot iron.

No one remembers when you were right, no one forgets when you were wrong.

Become like water which makes your own path, do not be like a stone that stops others too.

If you learn a lesson from your mistakes, then mistakes become stairs for you.

Motivational Quotes for work

When people start plotting instead of trying to defeat you, then understand that your ability is of the highest grade.

Only those who have seen your struggle know the value of your success. For many people, you are only a lucky person.

If you want success then do not make it your goal, just do whatever you like and you believe in.

If any man has the will, he can do any work very easily. Willpower and wealth make the man a king from a poor state.

Success and failure are both integral parts of life, and both are not permanent in anybody’s life.

Walking on the right path is definitely a bit difficult, but you can not fall on that path.

To succeed in your mission, you have to be loyal to your goal.

A person succeeds when he starts to change himself, not the world.

Your worst enemy can not harm you as much as your bad idea.

The lucky ones are not those who get everything good luck, then they are those who get whatever they get, they make them good.

Start with where you are, because someone who has it with you now is not even there.

Make your pain as your motivation and then see who stops you from being successful.

If the hard work is your weapon, then success will be your slave, success will be your slave. Success will be your slave.

When we face problems and difficulties, then we know about the courage and strength within us.

Success does not get noticed by anyone’s face. Success is only a hard-drinking addict.

A fool can become a genius if he believes that he is a fool, but a genius can become a fool if he believes that he is a genius.

I am sure as long as no one has seen the bitter pill of failure, he can not have enough ambition for success.

Those who like to dream, they seem to be short of the night and those who like to fulfil dreams are short of days.

Looking for beauty and simplicity, we can do it all over the world, but if it is not inside us, then there is nowhere else in the whole world.

The biggest supporters of the hard times is “hope” who gives a sweet smile and says softly in the ear “all will be good”.

Motivational Quotes for life

If you can smile at that time when you are completely broken, then believe that you can never break in the world.

After the imagination, it must be implemented. It is not enough to keep looking at the stairs, it is also necessary to ascend.

So these are the some best 101 Motivational quotes. I hope these quotes will help you to bring some energy inside you. If you feel that these all are inspirational or motivational, then must share with others.

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