The more we can save the more we can invest which will result in more income. But saving money isn’t as easy as it sounds. Most of us tried that before and failed to the certain extent. Even if you start making more money even if we get a pay raise instead of saving that extra money you are getting now, we are simply increasing our expenses without really realizing that. Best money saving apps can help a lot while saving money for free.

In fact, more than 80% of adults in the United States live paycheck to paycheck. Which means that if they stopped working for whatever reason it might be they will either be homeless or beg others for money because they have absolutely nothing in their saving accounts.

Why Should You Save Your Money?

The no.1 reason you should save money is through these kinds of things because you don’t want to find yourself fighting from your job and you have absolutely no money to move on. It’s not necessary for you to get fired. It might be anything else like an accident or getting sick. Whatever I don’t think your boss would want to pay you doing nothing but lying in the hospital.

best money saving apps

Another important reason to save money is for you to become financially free one day. I don’t think you want to work 9 to 5 until the last day of your life. You want to make enough money so that you can make enough investments. So that even if you stopped working your investments will cover all of your expenses.

For the last couples of days, I have been testing many different best money saving apps to see which one is easy to use and can help me to save as much money as possible and after using dozens of apps I came to a conclusion that these 4 best money saving apps are free and awesome.

Of course, they have the premium version but the free version is pretty good compared to other apps. Don’t have to use all these apps at the same time but instead, you have to choose one that’s more suitable for you and meets all of your demands.

4 Best Money Saving Apps That You Should Use

1. Moneyfy

Moneyfy is one of the greatest apps in the list of Best Money Saving Apps because of its great simplicity. The moment you open the app, you can see clearly all of your expensive beautifully summarized in this little chart.

Best Money Saving Apps

By clicking on one of them, you can see the exact amount you have on this category. So in total, I have spent 22% of my money on entertainment. In order to record a transaction all that you need to do is to click one of them. Let’s it’s your happy day and you’ve got your salary. Just click on the green circle and write down your salary and then you can choose the category.

Best Money Saving Apps

In case if it’s something else then you can add whatever you want. It’s Simple and easy. In case if you want to record an expense then you can do the same thing. Just choose the right category for the expense and put out the number and that’s all.

Best Money Saving Apps

You can consider expenses for any period you want last week, last month or even the entire year. Although it’s a great app that has a lot of limitations so just you can use it to set budget or goals. This app is for people who only want to track their expenses to have a general idea of where they are spending their money. Knowing where does your money go through. You can deduct what you think you’re spending too much and it’s a great way to start saving money.

2. Monthly Budget Planner & Expense Tracker

In the list of best money saving apps, this app is a little more detailed. It’s not only about tracking your expenses but rather setting the budget. It’s one thing to track your expenses and then figure out a way to decrease your spendings. Another to set exact budgets that you cannot cross no matter what.

Best Money Saving Apps

It’s just so easy to set budgets here in this app. So each time you spend your money you just have to record transaction here and it will automatically adjust it and minus it from the relative budget. In the dashboard, you will have an overview of all of your budgets and how well are you doing. If you overspend, you will see the red line over there. If you still can spend that’s covered with green.

Best Money Saving Apps

What I like about this app is that it doesn’t only gives you some charts and reports but rather compares it to the previous month and tells you if you have improved your spending habits. In case if you realize that you have been overspending on entertainment for example then you know what to do to save more money.

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3. Debt Manager

This app is a little different than the first two. It’s completely focused on managing your debt. Some people are including me realized that sometimes and lend money to people my friends whoever and sometimes forget about the exact amount or so and I have lost a lot of money with this way.

Best Money Saving Apps

I try to write them down but sometimes they start giving it with small little installment and it starts getting pretty confusing over time. So if you’re dealing with debts a lot like I was in college then I highly suggest you get this app.

Best Money Saving Apps

Of course, it’s not directly saving or any money but by taking a better care of your money. You will avoid losing money which is as good as saving money. This app is so simple. It’s entirely focused on this alone. So it will literally take you seconds to record a debt and will help you to avoid a lot of confusion in the future.

4. Wallet Now 

Wallet Now is also the best money saving apps about managing your money. If you want you can get the premium version but the free version is enough to do almost everything you need. You can track your expenses like the first app and it will give you a pretty good analytics about it.

Best Money Saving Apps

You can also do the same thing as the second app which I budgeting so you can create little budgets and each time when you record a transaction. It will automatically be deducted from the relative budget.

Best Money Saving Apps

It has the great interface. This is pretty simple to use and this green sign on the right corner to record transactions. This type is so advanced that it’s actually can provide you with very detailed analysis of your spendings. Of course, for some of them, you have to pay but the main important ones are free.

Best Money Saving Apps

On the top of that, you can actually set financial goals to let’s say you’re planning to save money for a holiday or investment. Whatever it might be you can add there and each time you save money there. It will keep increasing and after some time you will realize that you have made enough money to achieve your first goal.

Best Money Saving Apps

Another great thing about this app is that it has a shopping list. So you don’t overspend each time you go shopping. It’s probably the best app out there if you’re asking why did they suggest other apps in the beginning and that’s because of some people might be only interested in budgeting or only in tracking their expenses.

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And those apps are much easier and faster to use if you’re only interested in that. But if you want to take full control of your spending then this is the app you need. You can track responses budget your income and manage your debts but it’s not as fast as easy as other apps.


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