Today, I will talk about the top 10 highest paid and best jobs in India which will cause you to lose your senses. Yes! of course, So you tell us which of these jobs you liked and the salary which you expect which you love to work.

1. CEO

best jobs in india

The first list of the best jobs in India is CEOs. Cheif Executive Officers are very important for any company. The burden of the entire company is on the same side and the evil of the company is the responsibility of these people. So their salary is also very good. You will be surprised to hear that even in a country like India, they earn millions. But the thing to note is that the profits of the company depend on them and today’s competitive world, making the profit to their company and avoiding any kind of deficit is on their shoulders. But your mouths remain open only.

When you find out these years that the annual salary of the CEOs is about 25-65 crores i.e 2-5 crores per month which are very high. Apart from the wages, they also get company shares and different incentives. That’s why the CEO job is considered as a dream job that only gets with own fate.

2. Investment Banker

best jobs in india

Investment Banker is also known as Money Man because they spend the day with money every day. Yes, the investment bankers are beneficial for you and for any company because they give financial advice. They have a lot of knowledge of the market and different financial things and therefore they are always in demand. There are also very few investment bankers in India and hence their pay is very high.

The entry level starts with 12 lakhs and, which increases with experience to reach 50-60 lakhs, meaning that every month they easily earn 4-5 lakhs. What happened, shocked to hear this?

3. Chartered Accountant (CA)

best jobs in india

The 3rd best jobs in India is a Chartered Accountant. We all know that the study of a chartered accountant is very difficult. Success is achieved only after continuous of hard work. Every day the job of CA is financial and accounting, whose job is to supervise these things.  That’s why every company and public organization live in search of CA and this is the reason that they got so much money.

There are few people in India who can become CA’s. You might be surprised to know that a CA earns approximately 20-25 lakhs in a year, which is a fee of 1.5 – 2 lakhs per month.

4. Surgeon

best jobs in india

Surgeons consider common man to be the god because they have a patient’s life in their hands. That’s why the people don’t hesitate to pay this money. It may be heard even here that the business of a doctor is a place where there is no decrease in money. Surgeons treat in the operation table for hours and hence they get good pay from the works.

A surgeon earns approximately 20-30 lakhs per annum means 2-3 lakhs per month. If we talk about a private surgeon, then his pay is even more. Don’t be surprised to hear this as being a surgeon, because it’s not a child play.

5. Business Analyst

Business Analyst

The 5th best jobs in India is Business Analyst. Business Analyst is important for any company as much depends on their analysis, most of the company profits. That’s why the company is looking for a good BA. The most important thing about a business analyst should be to get ahead in mathematics and logical reasoning and get this money for their brains.

Now it is clear that where the game of mind comes, the money will be good. In such a scenario, BA in India earns 12-15 lakhs in a year i.e 1.5 – 2 lakhs per month. And in addition to the profit of the company, he also receives bonuses and incentives, which is also high.

6. Pilot

best jobs in india

The life of the Pilot is in the sky, you must have heard it, but do you know that even their salary is equal to touching the sky? Yes! Don’t be surprised to hear that a pilot lives in the hand of thousands of passengers and therefore the training of pilot is difficult.

This is the reason that they get a lot of money. Can you guess up to how much a pilot annual fee will be? No, so let me tell you. A commercial pilot gets around 15-20 lakhs a year and a helicopter pilot gets 10-15 lakhs.

7. Lawyer

best jobs in india

The 7th best jobs in India is Lawyer. For lawyers, it is believed that they don’t like the judge’s chair as much as it doesn’t have much income. The lawyers appointed by the government only. Get a pearl money from the government, but they get their money from their clients in different cases. This is the reason that lawyers are very rich.

Large private lawyers who have good knowledge in law and order and they charge a lot of money for every case. You will be surprised to hear that the lawyers get only 9-10 lakhs, but there are some lawyers who earn millions of crores only in the month. We believe that after hearing this you have been surprised?

8. Actors

best jobs in india

Actors are everyone’s wishes and their passion is found in every street of India. Do you also have an idea that how much money they get from the films? Female actors get 10-15 lakhs for a movie, while the well-known actors are who have made their living in the film industry take 10 – 500 million per movie. Apart from this, they have to pay Rs. 2 to 5 million to go to each event and earn more than 100 crores in advertising. That is if money is there then it is only in films.

9. Cricketers

best jobs in india

The season of IPL is going on. We all are keen to know how much match fees get India’s cricketers to get? BCCI considered being the richest cricket association in the world because they have a lot of money, so it is obvious that India’s cricketers too will get very good money.

Apart from this, they get separate money for advertising, so it is said that Indian cricketers are one of the highest earners in the world. (10-50 million).

10. President

best jobs in india

The 10 best jobs in India is President. The president of India is head of the country and you will be surprised to know that they get 1.5 lakh every month i.e 18 lakhs per year. Apart from this, they get all the facilities that the common man can’t even imagine. The President of India resides in the Rashtrapati Bhavan with respect, and they also get the very different allowance and incentives. To visit and stay in any of these countries all are under the expense of the Government of India.

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