With the help of this article, today I will tell you about 5 entrepreneur books that you can read as an entrepreneur. All these 5 entrepreneur books can give you a kind of energy. It can reach your entrepreneurship to a new level. So read this article till the end.

Top 5 Entrepreneur Books to Read As an Entrepreneur


5. No More Mr. Nice Guy

Let me tell you why I want you to read this entrepreneur books No More Mr. Nice Guy. This book is about how men have become babies because of the last generation of men raised by their mothers, what 2-3 generations ago boys were raised by their sons on farms? So because of that a lot of change in how men are today versus how were 80-90 years ago. So when you read it you’re gonna look at in a whole different way.

By the way, I recommend men and women to read this book because it will shift your mindset. I have probably recommended this book to a couple of hundred guys and when I do after they read it they say did you recommended this book because you were thinking about me. I said well you know kind of yes!

4. Strategy: A History

Here is why I like this entrepreneur books. It’s a big book you can listen to the audiobook but here’s what I want you to read this book. In the game of business, I talked about four things right! I’ll twerk out and prove out last out strategize right. Out-strategize comes last because you have to figure out a lot of different things you do that doesn’t work.

This book you read, you’re gonna read and gonna say oh my gosh this makes a lot of sense that the strategy they use in war and politics of every single industry. He shares you different strategies that were used in every industry religion Hollywood every possible way and you’re gonna sit there and say this guy use that on me before. I have used this before not known about it but by the time you’re done.

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3. Principles

If you haven’t yet read it, you go to the bookstore and order immediately. This could have been a no.1 book but you will know why I put a certain book no.1. Ray Dalio breaks down the concept of how to build the right principles and values in your business in ways I’ve never read in another book before. Not telling you now we’re at 1,500 business books.

The way he breaks it down is a book it’s the reason why I had every one of my sales guys in the company read it. Every one of our sales vice presidents read it, Every one of my President’s Council Chairman’s read it and every employee at our Home Office. They wrote a report on it that it’s that powerful of a book. It’s 500 pages but by the time you’re done reading it, you will not look at the business leadership management.

2. Skin In The Game

Now let me tell you that why I like this book. When I read this book I read it again. It was more recommended by multiple different people. I like this entrepreneur books because it challenges everybody politicians, family, religions but it challenges every single conventional thinking and he says why do you have an opinion about how things should be done.

If you don’t have skin in the game you’ve got to listen to it because it’ll help with your argument as you’re speaking to people in your company. It just will strengthen a lot of your arguments that you have in your life. Again Skin In The Game must read the book.

1. The Art of the Deal

The number one to book as an entrepreneur is The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump. I didn’t talk president Donald Trump. It’s Donald Trump why because when he wrote it he wasn’t hated as he is today. Both Republicans Democrats independents libertarians liked him because there was no politics involved.

People don’t like him today because now they’re realizing what his political beliefs are whether it Reagan whether it was Bush whether it was Clinton, anybody. I want to know how you’re thinking. I want to consume your content. When you read this book The Art of The Deal, your negotiation will improve and you will know exactly who your president is why he’s having these types of meeting with G7 that they’re coming back. And having all this controversy with this famous picture that you will see that will be shown for decades.

Few hundreds of years from now people are going to show this picture about President Donald Trump. When you look at the meeting and you got the hands down saying what are you doing, why are you making these things so difficult because he’s negotiating whatever you wanted? And what they don’t realize is he the master negotiator amongst everybody. Because he’s been doing this for so many years.

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