New and Small Business Ideas for 2019

Unemployment is a big problem. Everybody wants to start own business, but due to less cost and time, they can not do it. If you have a passion for starting your own business then today I will tell you some 24 best small business ideas that can begin with a lower cost and that can earn you a lot of money.

Small Business Ideas For Cities

1. Online Book Rental

Nowadays everything is online and smart. It also saves our time and saves money. There are some such books that we need only for a short time, but due to the high prices, many people do not buy it. Therefore, to overcome this problem some websites or apps can be designed in which these expensive books are given on rent for some time.

You can also start these small business ideas from the toll-free number and earn enough money by designing online websites or Android Apps. This business demand may increase significantly in the upcoming days.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO Service)

More than 3 billion people are using the Internet worldwide. After China, India is the second country in the world where large numbers of people use the Internet. Search engine optimization or social media marketing helps any business to move forward.

For example, if you own a hotel in your city and anyone searches for hotels in your town from anywhere, with the help of search engine optimization, your hotel will first show in the option of the search engine, which helps you get more bookings. So, SEO service can be the great small business ideas for you.

3. Old Product Buying and Selling

Today, a website like Olx has extended this work to many levels. You can start this work from a small scale in your area. Bring your message to the towns around your home that you screw and sell the used products.

You get so many people who want to buy new things by selling their old gadgets. You will find a lot of people to buy the used items, and you will also find plenty to sell.

You have to work in the middle, in which you get a lot of commissions. Later, you can give this work in the form of your own business. So, again this can be a fantastic and small business ideas for you.

4. Enter to Grocery

Did you hear this name and went to the square? You might be wondering why I’m going to tell about these common small business ideas? Grocery Business is mostly successful in most big cities. Do not try to do these small business ideas in the side of the village. You need money and brain to do this business.

The rest of the work will be done by the Labors. To start this work you will have to create an online grocery website and you will need a place to keep grocery stock.

To open the grocery website, you have to hire any local website developer or order on the website like

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5. Online Bakery

Bakery products are liked by people very much. Whatever the bakery products are preferred, these businesses have not come mostly on the online platform.

You can contact the bakery of that area and deliver the product to them on any order from any particular field, by adding all your bakeries to your website.

Here it means that you can earn a significant margin by just sitting in a room without making a bakery product. You only have to bring the bakery of all places under one platform and earn your profit. That’s why it might be a great small business ideas for you.

6. Online Courses

If you get all courses without going to any coaching center, at a meager rate and just below a platform, then how much your profit can be.

For this business ideas, you have to do contact with all the coaching centers, take notes of them and upload all their soft copy in one website. Now you can give some profit margin to the coaching center of any of their sales, and you can keep the other profits.

In this, you will sell those courses at a lower rate than any other website, which will increase the traffic of your site and your profit will be much higher.

7. Dairy Outlet

In less cost and experience, if you want to start a small business in the year of 2019 that starts paying you money from the first day, then meet the growing population needs of milk and take profits home. Just in this, you have to open a franchise.

In this business ideas, you can earn a margin of up to 20%. This business could start with just a few places and with the help of some 2 to 3 lakhs.

8. Mobile Restuarant/Food Outlet

Ordering food at sitting home from the hotel has now become more needed than a hobby. This is the reason why the mobile apps that are catering to your home have become full of rest. In such a way, your home kitchen can also earn good food along with good food.

Changing needs and looking for a better life take us away from our home and we remember most of the food that made at home. By meeting this need of people, you can earn a lot of good income from these types of business ideas.

For this, you have to upgrade your kitchen a bit and have to register the kitchen on the food delivery mobile app.

9. Courier Services

The number of online shoppers is progressing by leaps and bounds. With just one click, any luggage reaches your home with the help of courier boy.

Online shopping is now more comfortable and safer than ever. The increasing earnestness of online shopping has made the income of the courier company an excellent option. You can start this work alone or with the team by taking franchisees of any courier company.

For this, you have to make the name, license or franchisee of your courier company and choose the delivery area.

10.  Baby Care Centre

Baby Care Centre business ideas are in great demand in Metro City. In this business, you have to take care of babies and toddlers. A very small amount of money will be required to start this business.

Initially, you have to work hard. Then later this small business will grow at a much larger level. You can take some workers with you after this business grows. You do not even need to run too much in this. Parents leave their children here and then take them.

You will need some money and some space to start this small business. After that, you can easily earn millions of rupees per month sitting at home.

11. Office Space Rental

Whenever a startup starts or whenever a small business starts, they do not have enough money so that they can start their own business by constructing a separate space for themselves. So nowadays most business offices start on rent.

You will find such office rentals in every city of India, where you pay rent according to each room or give a lease according to each chair and then they start their business.

This business is not going to make any construction. You have to bring all those office rental space under one platform, that means you have to be the office bearer’s attorney. After this, anyone who wants an office rent will contact you directly, and the office owner will contact you.

Here you take money from some of these business commissions. It means that there will be some commissions from any of the margin fixes which is fixed between those both person. You can also start these small ideas business and generate an excellent income.

12. Virtual Call Center

Nowadays, in any small business, the customer is online, or you have advertised anywhere, he comes through it. Every company needs a call center. The call center is vital for him to get his clients out of the solution to problems.

Here you can start a call center, where you give jobs to girls and boys to serve the call center service to different companies. You can train them by giving them girls or boys of call center or even give them on rent.

After some time you will start getting the contract from different companies. The more you work in this small business, the more you can get profit. That’s why this can be a great business ideas for you.

13. Business Supporter

Business Supporter is a group that financially supports a new and small business. This group providers mentorship to those businesses. You will need a fund to start this small business. You can create a group that buys stock in the new company and provides mentorship to them.

If that business succeeds, then you can withdraw your margin from it and get some profits. So business supporter can be a good business ideas if you work hard in it.

14. Tester or Reviewer

If you buy any smartphone or take any of the products, then you see the review before buying it or buy it closely by checking it out.

So here a company can be started which check and rating any product. If you watch a movie, then you first see IMDb rating, or if you buy a new smartphone, you check it online or on YouTube.

If you start a company that gives a genuine review of that product, then you can earn enough money in it.

15. Laundry Service

You can earn a lot of money by offering a laundry service. In this, you have to start with this traffic in a crowded area with more traffic means. In this business, you can also get your order in the phone call, and by giving home delivery, you can do your service better, so that you get more orders and you earn a lot of income.

You can get a good income by doing these traditional and small business ideas in a new way.

16. Healthy Fast Food Delivery

You can also start this small business in your local area. You have to prepare the best team first. In this business ideas, you can also take online orders and take orders in phone calls too.

You get profit in this business in two ways. The first one that will be of the fast food owner will give you his fast food at a lower rate than the average price, and the other can also earn profits in your delivery charges. So if you mix these two, then you can earn a good profit in it.

To start this small business, you have to make a good team, and after that, you have to do marketing your business. When people know that you are offering this service, there may be a lot of traffic in your business, which will increase your business faster.

17. Purified & Child Water Center

You have to do this small business where the population is very high. If you go to the market, then the water bottle which is there on it is expensive, and there is less water in it.

Many times people feel thirsty, or they have to fill their bottles, then they do not get pure and cold water anywhere, because of which they have to repurchase a new water bottle.

In these business ideas, you have to keep this facility that any person can drink water in a small amount and also fill his bottle.

This business is a much more demanding business for the city. Maybe you are losing profit in the beginning, but as soon as people start relying on your brand, your brand will grow larger. So for this small business, you have to start one company and put your center in different places.

18. Job Recruitment Agency

Those who are big companies do not have as much time to conduct examinations and conduct interviews for a particular post.

So here you have to create a Job Retrieval Agency. You have to go to the big company, and you have to tell them that we will recruit job for you and for that we will not charge any money for you.

The company that is here, you do not have to take money. You have to charge money from those who have a job requirement. You can charge as a small fee for the person who applies for the job. So, again these types of business ideas can be very profitable for you.

New Small Business Ideas For Rural Areas

19. Online Seed Seller

If you go to any village and do the job of selling Crops seeds and working to export and import the seeds, then this business can earn outstanding profits.

You get seed in the village at a meager price. You can buy and go out in the city and by doing export and import at the right margin can earn a lot of income.

You can grow the seeds in the village itself so that you can earn a better profit. You can start this business both online or offline. But if you start this business online, then your business will reach as many people as possible, and you will earn more profit in it.

20. Plant Nursery Owner

Plant Nursery has been a good business ideas. If you start this business in the village area, then you can be more profitable because the land is found at very cheap rates in the side of the village. No more rule and regulation should be followed to buy property in the town. Therefore, the plant nursery business can be done very quickly and earn a good profit.

Plant nurseries are also of several types. You can earn good profits from plant nursery according to a particular area. You have to export these plants out and make more and more contacts and sell it.

21. Poultry Farming

Most people are upset with the rising inflation. As you all know, the egg is very beneficial for our body. Eggs are not only eaten, but it is also used to enhance beauty. The quality of eggs and easy availability has brought the trade of poultry to an ethical dimension.

In the trade of poultry, you feed the chickens to the egg and then sell the eggs easily with the help of intermediaries in the market. Like the stock market, the price of an egg is also fixed by the market, and there is no need to pinch the price.

You will need a license and a place for these business ideas. It is a very profitable business ideas at a low cost.

22. Village Blogger

Today, more and more population in many countries are lives in the village. The lifestyle of the village area is slightly different from the city’s lifestyle. Therefore, people who are living in the city, prefer to see and understand much to the village’s lifestyle.

So if you work as a village blogger, then you can earn a significant profit in it. You can also do this work by making a video in the video streaming site and earn good money by working as a content writer.

23. Milk Export

If you are from a village area, you will know that there is a lot of milk production in the village area. You can earn money by exporting milk from there.

The people of the village sell milk to any local dairy, where they are given very little money.

Therefore, any such facility should be introduced in the village where people get more money than local dairy; people will give their milk there. So if you buy that milk from the villagers and export it out, you can earn a lot of money.

If you want, that milk can make a good product by making some products. These small business ideas are still running in an old way. If you start something new in this way and start this work in a new way, then it can grow quite a lot.

24. Seasonal Business

If you live in the village and you know a few seasonal business ideas, then you can earn a lot of money from these small business ideas.

Different things are produced in the village according to the season. For example, if you buy Mango from communities in the season of Mango, then you get it in a meager price, which you can earn enough money by exporting them out and taking out your margins.

According to different seasons, you can buy different things in it. As you can buy wheat in wheat season, you can purchase paddy in paddy season. In the same way, in different seasons in the village, you can buy different things at a meager price.

One of the most significant advantages of doing business in the village is that you get to see a little competition there. So you can earn a lot of money with the help of low competition.

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