When you come into the stock market world, before that it is very important to take care of some things. To avoid losses in the stock market, you will need to keep in mind some of the essential things that can help you avoid losses in the stock market. So, in this post, I am suggesting to add some 5 stock market losses that you must read.

5 Best Tips for Beginners to Avoid Stock Market Losses

1. Do Your Own Analysis

stock market losses

The first tips to avoid stock market losses is Do Your Own Analysis. If you have to invest in the stock market, then you should analyze the company yourself and never trust your friends, retailers, brokerage firms or anyone else. One thing to remember is that no one else can worry about your money. So take your investment decision only after you complete your analysis. You can also disconnect your analysis with the other investor and take the opinion of others on it.

For example, before taking an emergency decision in our life, we consider that thing in detail and analyzed it, and after that, I take a decision. We take the opinions of others but do not follow them to Blindley. We listen to their views and think of ourselves as a judge.

If you think that I do not have the time to do the analysis or for some reason to not have to do the analysis then it would be better if you invest in a Mutual Fund. Professional fund managers manage your money in mutual funds.

2. Avoid Penny Stock

stock market losses

Second tips to avoid stock market losses is Avoid Penny Stock. Many beginners who want to invest in a small amount are attracted to the penny stock in the beginning. The stock which is less than Rs. 20 to Rs.25, starts buying them without analyzing the company. They think that the share of Rs.10 and Rs.20 is better than Rs.500 and Rs.1000. If there is a slight increase in the stock price then you will get good profits from lowers shares.

Some beginners think that the company whose stock price is low is the new company and just arrived in the stock market. but it’s not like that. Stocks which are less than 10 or 20 rupees have many companies in such a stock market for years. But due to poor business performance, their prices fall to Rs 10 and Rs.20, and their market capitalization becomes much less.

Before investing in penny stocks, you have to know why the price of a stock is low? The details of many penny stocks are not easily available. Due to which it is difficult to analyze them. So, unless you have very good possibilities, it is better that you stay away from penny stock.

3. Patience

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All the successful investor has a common quality and that is Patience. You have to have the Patience to buy the stock at the right valuation. When we have money, we buy any stock at any valuation in a hurry.

Warren Buffet, the world’s most successful investor, had said that he had more cash than his successful investments. Warren Buffet Patiently Waits If you are a long-term investor, then you have to give time to perform your investment. This does not mean that you wait and invest in an array and garage stock.

4. Don’t Start With a Large Amount of Capital

stock market losses

Many beginners initially start investing in huge amounts in the beginning. Most investors do not have experience because they are new to the stock market. That’s why they go to Loses. Therefore initially investors should invest in small amounts. When you got the full experience of the stock market, then you can invest after a few large amounts with well analyzed.

5. Stay Away From Stock Tips

The last tips on stock market losses is Stay Away From Stock Tips. Some beginners work on stock tips given by others who are wrong. Nowadays there are new scams associated with stock tips. In the first tips we had seen in detail that before analyzing the investment, the company should analyze the detail and should not follow the sacrifices.

Famous investors of stock market like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Warren Buffet, they always advise you to stay away from stock tips.



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