So today we will talk about 3 best apps for Stock Market where you can find prices and information. All these apps will not require you to pay any money to run or download. These three apps will be found in Playstore. You can also download these apps from below descriptions.

Now, let’s talk about those three apps where you can check stock prices.

1. MoneyControlapps for stock market

The first app for Stock Market is MoneyControl. MoneyControl has been running for a few years. And it is also favorite of many indian traders and investors. The MoneyControl App is a very simple and easy to use. Its user interface is also very simple and excellent. There is only one drawback of this app is that you will see a lot of advertisements on it. On MoneyControl Apps you will get lots of information related to the stock market.

If you want financial details of any company, then you have to need to search the name of any company on the search box of MoneyControl. After that, you have to click on the financial section which is situated on the left side of the website. There you will find the financial statements of that company’s last 5 years i.e. comparison of the last 5 years of the balance sheet, profit and loss statement and cash flow statement of the company.

Also, the financial ratios of the last 5 years of the company are also found by comparison. A lot of stock market data is present in Moneycontrol website. MoneyControl is a huge collection of stock market data. On MoneyControl website, you can also watch live TV on CNBC awaaj and CNBC 18TV. And on this app, you will also get a news related to the market or any news related to a particle stock.

2. ET Marketapps for stock market

Second apps for Stock Market is ET Market. ET Market is another app where you can check stock prices and details. There is a short native information from the stock in it. The information that is given in this app has been reparsed very well. If you click on the IPO section in this app, you will get the details of which IPO is open and the incoming IPO details also. So you can know about the incoming IPO here. ET Market is also beneficial for reading news and other stock related news. Here you will find news related to the market and related to the particular stock. Moneycontrol and ET Market are apps where you can also read the news in Hindi languages.

3. MarketMojoapps for stock market

Market Mojo is a very simple app, where you find a lot of simple and quick information related to stock. If you search for a stock in the Marketmojo, you can see the company’s financial statement, shareholding pattern, financial ratio, some business details, such as the company’s business, which industries is the company working, what is the market share of the company, How is the company getting the competition? A lot of these details are found on the same page. Market Mojo’s interface is good but data load takes little time.

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You can find stock tips and research reports given in different Brokerage Forms by going to MarketMojo Market and clicking on the section of Recos. MarketMojo explains its view on the stock’s valuation. However, you should not follow their sacrifices. You must analyze it yourself.

So, these are the 3 best apps for Stock Market where you can check so many information and prices related to the stock market for free. These apps are very popular and informative.





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